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I decree and declare it is time for the sons of God to arise and come forth.

It is time for the manifested sons of God to come forth and do what God has called them to do, Which is to manifest and show forth that God is alive, that God is real and that God is still on the “Throne” and still in charge. 

Selected scripture from Romans 8:19-23 – reminds us that creation is in pain because it is waiting for the sons and daughters of God to come forth, to arise. The earthquakes, the tsunami’s, the hurricanes are tearing up the earth- shifting the earth and moving the length of days. (The tempest is raging). Creation is saying, ‘where are the sons of God? When are they coming forth! God set things up and gave us dominion over the works of His hands. We were according to Genesis 1:26 to have rule, authority over the earth. It seems for sure the sons forgot they were sons and had authority. We sat down and just let satan take over. In fact, we gave him authority that was not his to have. The curse was put on the land, but we have authority. Sons of God, where are you?

Romans 8:19NLT – for all creation is waiting, groaning and travailing for the future day when God will reveal who his children really are. That time is here. Creation is calling out to God, where are your real children? Where are those that you set in the earth to show us the way? Where are those that are to make up the hedge? Where are those that are your living examples? Where are those that will do great exploits in the last day? Where are the healers? Where are the deliverers? SONS OF GOD ARISE AND COME FORTH!

We say to you do not complain about the healthcare plan that is being set up, God is setting up your ministry. Your confession has been, God has called me to be a minister, I am an Evangelist, I am an apostle, a prophet, a pastor, a teacher, well its time to arise and come forth.

The key scripture in Morris Cerullo’s book, “Proof Producers”, is St. John 6:28. “What shall we do that we might work the works of God?” Our work is to produce the proof that Jesus Christ is still alive and will do what he said he will do. Sons of God come forth and take you places. God is setting up your ministries.

You came today to be activated to come forth. You can no longer say I am not ready; I do not want to, I am not able, I am not smart enough, I do not have the money. SONS OF GOD COME FORTH!!!

When you or your neighbor does not have the finances to go to the doctor or hospital, YOU LAY HANDS ON THEM, you heal the sick, you raise the dead, You cast out the devils (demons). When the banks will not lend the money to buy the house or the car or to pay the bills YOU pay the bill. YOU buy the car or YOU buy the house. The wealth transfer is coming forth so the MONEY MAGNETS and DISTRIBUTION CENTERS can start operating .You are confessing you are a multi-millionaire, what did you think it was for!

We appreciate your sponsorship.  May God Bless You Richly in Every Area.

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