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Look at what God has done.  The work started on the Library the third week in July 2011 and it is amazing to see the progress todate. There are no Backhoes or other machinery, this is all done by hand. The blocks have also been done by hand. I pray that you will continue to donate to the building of the first ever Library in Asesewa, Ghana West Africa. The books have already started coming in. In fact, we had seven cases of books donated when the land was first purchased.  Just think, the people in Asesewa, the children as well as the adult community, will have access to the outside world. There will be computers and other technological equipment available to them. There is also the possibility that some of the villagers will have employment.  When you think about it, the first ever library and the possibility of a job too, nothing short of a blessing from God.  Images of the work in progress are denoted below.


Library Sept 23,2010

2016 and the walls are almost completely up!  Look at our God!  Thanking Him for making this all possible!

We now have Walls going up . . .

Photos of laying of the foundation